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Legal Counsel for Performing Artists, Writers, Actors, Dancers, Filmmakers, Visual Artists & non-profit arts organizations

New Jersey has always been an inspiration for artists and entertainers. Painters, musicians, and dancers have found their muse in the Garden State for centuries. The painter George Inness was from New Jersey, and Winslow Homer used our beloved Jersey shore as the subject of many of his paintings. Over a hundred years ago the art of the motion picture was born in Thomas Edison's Black Maria Studio in West Orange.

Today's New Jersey artists face more legal issues than ever before. The Internet has breathed new life into copyright and trademark infringement claims. The proliferation of cable channels means more independent producers are looking for content and production contracts. Newark and Jersey City gentrification has reduced the amount of affordable housing available to the struggling artist.

In short, New Jersey artists and arts organizations have a growing need for accessible attorneys and legal education. Only by safeguarding their legal interests can artists thrive and enrich New Jersey’s arts and cultural community.

That's why I became an attorney after many years of being a performing artist myself. I help artists and arts organizations through active legal counsel, strong advocacy, and legal education.

Whether you’re a performing artist, visual artist or a non-profit arts organization, I will do my best to help resolve your legal issue---and get you back on track to creativity.

                                     Joseph R. Novick, Esq.